16 June 2023

Burges Salmon has been recognised for its early career opportunities and graduate recruitment practices at The AllAboutLaw Awards 2023.

The AllAboutLaw Awards showcase the best law firms in the UK. Awards recognise the marketing and engagement efforts of early talent teams, and are based on data and statistics from AllAboutLaw.co.uk - the UK’s most popular career and employability resource for aspiring solicitors.

Competing against other National law firms, Burges Salmon has been recognised in the following category:

  • Most Popular Law Firm - Highly Commended

The AllAboutLaw Awards takes place annually and the awards were announced virtually in 2023, as part of AllAboutLaw’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

Burges Salmon has had its achievements recognised through the presentation of a digital trophy, a selection of which can be viewed on Burges Salmon ’s AllAboutLaw Law Firm Hub here: https://www.allaboutlaw.co.uk/burges-salmon

Jack Denton, the co-founder of AllAboutLaw, said: “I am delighted about the achievements of the Early Talent and Graduate Recruitment team at Burges Salmon . The awards recognise the firm's brand recognition amongst aspiring solicitors and the dynamism of the Graduate Recruitment team, which has conducted an excellent marketing campaign. Congratulations to all at Burges Salmon!”

Notes to editors

AllAboutLaw is the expert career and employability resource for aspiring solicitors.

Founded in 2008, AllAboutLaw list job opportunities at leading law firms, host a comprehensive schedule of events, including the UK’s largest virtual law fair, and provide tailored advice to aspiring solicitors in the UK.

The AllAboutLaw Academy serves to increase employability and they also work to increase diversity in the legal profession. AllAboutLaw works with 85 of the top 100 law firms in the UK and all of the leading law schools.

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