02 October 2020

Burges Salmon’s Cloud Programme was set in motion earlier this year as part of its commitment to innovative service delivery for its clients and to leading the way in the areas in which it is investing in legal technology.

The programme sees the firm migrating its entire IT architecture and application portfolio to a cloud platform over a two-year period in collaboration with a number of leading implementation partners in the digital transformation field.

Going beyond a standard ‘cloud-first’ strategy, Burges Salmon’s fully comprehensive programme utilises a combination of SAAS and public cloud providers working towards the ultimate goal of decommissioning all physical IT architecture at the firm as well as its data centres within the next two years.

Last year, the firm’s Cloud Programme team worked behind the scenes to establish a detailed design and plan for implementation and migration, including carrying out several pilots and kick-starting aspects of the programme. The first significant phase of the project was launched in spring 2020, during which Burges Salmon worked with trusted partner iManage – a global work product management platform provider – to successfully migrate its firm-wide file storage from an on-premise approach to iManage Cloud.

With the firm’s entire email system and iManage’s leading document management system now in the cloud, Burges Salmon benefits from the modern advantages of cloud-based architecture. The firm has also chosen to deploy state-of-the-art security products from iManage to ensure unparalleled information governance, data protection and threat detection at scale.

Eddie Twemlow, Head of IT and Operations at the firm, comments: “Burges Salmon is committed to keeping its clients front-of-mind with this modern and agile cloud-based platform, which will enable us to focus on improving service delivery, adapt to advancing technology and meet evolving client expectations.

“We’re delighted that the first phase of our Cloud Programme has been implemented with great success. As we move our Technology and Operations departments away from time-consuming infrastructure maintenance and ‘keeping the lights on’, we’re driving a 180-degree turn in mind-set towards our clients in order to align our technology with our unique client requirements.”

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