Emma is our Innovation Manager responsible for our Innovation team, focusing on improving and innovating the delivery of legal services to our clients. Using her experience of having been a senior lawyer, she is able to combine her legal knowledge together with technology to deliver innovative solutions and process improvements. As part of our multi-disciplinary team approach to innovation, she works to promote collaboration, efficiencies and innovation in the delivery of solutions for legal teams and clients.

Another key area of focus is R&D, looking at a variety of technologies to further develop our advanced technology toolkit, and to ensure it continues to deliver real value for our clients.

  • Prior to joining the Innovation team in 2018, Emma was a senior corporate finance lawyer. Advising on a broad spectrum of corporate finance work for both private and public companies, cooperatives and alternative structures.
  • Leading and managing a variety of innovation and process improvement projects with both clients and internal teams.
  • Responsible for the firm’s annual B-Innovative week focusing on encouraging innovation and knowledge of technology.
  • APMG Change Management Practitioner.