17 April 2024

Listen to Environment Matters, where our leading environmental law solicitors are joined by experts from across Burges Salmon and special guests to discuss a wide range of topical environmental issues, including greenwashing, nature-based solutions and Variable Monetary Penalties for environmental offences.

Released every second Wednesday of the month, each bite-size episode will appear below when they are released.


Episode 6 - The future of waste

Michael Barlow, Victoria Barnes and Greg Fearn conclude the first series of our Environment Matters podcast with a discussion on the future of waste and the move towards a circular economy.

In this 20-minute episode, the team explain the importance of developing a circular economy, the expansion of the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UKETS), the upcoming sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) mandate and other regulatory and enforcement changes in the waste sector.

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Episode 5 - Climate change and sustainability in supply chains

In this ESG-focused episode, you will hear leading environmental lawyers Michael Barlow and Sarah Sackville Hamilton as they discuss climate change and sustainability.

The team topics including why supply chain management is an important part of ESG, corporate sustainability reporting (CSRD and CSDDD), our new interactive ESG disclosure tool and Pension Schemes ESG tool, and climate change and sustainability clauses. 

Episode 4 - Special edition: Reflecting on 2023 and looking ahead to 2024

In this special edition of Environment Matters, Michael BarlowIan Truman, Sarah Sackville Hamilton and Victoria Barnes look back at the key environmental law updates from 2023 and discuss their predictions for the upcoming year.

Policy delays and parliamentary retreats in 2023: 

  • 02:45: Retained EU Law Act 2023
  • 05:40: Nutrient neutrality
  • 08:10: Changes to variable monetary penalties
  • 10:49: Biodiversity net gain requirements

Predictions for 2024: 

  • 14:15: UK Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism
  • 20:25: Environmental Permitting Regulations
  • 22:45: Environmental civil sanctions
  • 27:25: Climate litigation and greenwashing
  • 34:55: Products and chemicals

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Episode 3 - How to prepare for changes to environmental enforcement: the introduction of Variable Monetary Penalties

In this episode, Michael BarlowVictoria Barnes and Philippa Shepherd discuss how businesses can prepare for changes to environmental enforcement, as well as the hot topic of Variable Monetary Penalties, with the Environment Agency now able to impose civil penalties without limit in England for certain environmental offences. 

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Episode 2 -  How to navigate natural capital opportunities

In the second episode of Environment Matters, Michael BarlowRoss Simpson and Sarah Sackville Hamilton discuss natural capital opportunities covering what exactly nature-based solutions are, what activity is being seen in the market now, key things for landowners, corporate buyers and investors to consider what are the challenges lie ahead for the natural capital market ahead. 
To access a version with subtitles, please click here and to view the transcript click here.

Episode 1 - How to avoid risks and protect your business from greenwashing

In the first episode of Environment Matters, Michael BarlowIan Truman and Victoria Barnes discuss greenwashing, the changing regulatory landscape and how businesses should be aware of the financial, reputational and litigation risks of misleading consumers and regulators on their green credentials.

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Listen to the trailer for Environment Matters, where Michael Barlow, head of our Environment team introduces the podcast and gives his insight into what you can expect to hear on the podcast over the next few months.

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