Harry is a Tax Accountant and predominantly provides services to private clients, as part of the firm’s tax team.

Harry works with a variety of different UK-based and overseas clients, including individuals, partnerships and companies.  He also advises on the regulatory compliance for Trustees including the ongoing management of Trusts, as well as advising on Trustee requirements under the Trust Registration Service.


Tax compliance services, including Self Assessment tax returns for private clients, unincorporated businesses, companies and trusts & estates.

Working with a variety of clients on tax planning matters, such as;

  • individuals moving to and/or leaving the UK, including liaising with overseas advisers;
  • extracting funds from a close company tax efficiently both pre and post liquidation;
  • capital gains tax advice and computational work for UK and non-UK residents;
  • inheritance tax planning and succession work, including looking at how family wealth may be invested in Family Investment Companies and Open-Ended Investment Companies;
  • share capital reorganisations, such as demergers and share for share exchanges;
  • reviewing the tax implications of share incentive plans;
  • advising on the optimisation of tax reliefs via venture capital schemes (such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme).

Management of Trustees’ tax affairs and advising on regulatory compliance, such as the Trust Registration Service and inheritance tax returns.