To meet tough Net Zero targets in 2050, the UK needs to act to find alternatives to, or remove altogether, many of the carbon intensive activities upon which we currently rely, like transportation, electricity production and heating.

As part of the Energy Act 2023, a significant opportunity arises for heat networks to drive up carbon neutral heating and develop an entirely new sector focused on the demands of 2050.

The UK is now putting some serious thought to heat networks, and the initiatives contained in the Energy Act 2023 can be a catalyst for investment and a material way to help expand them in the UK.

Our latest report Getting to Net Zero: The potential for heat networks in our communities collates the views of 80 UK-based investors and developers, as well as in-depth interviews with Equitix, Related Argent, Hemiko, SSE and Asper, to gather insights and experiences of funding and developing heat networks projects in the UK and Europe.

We are extremely grateful to our survey respondents and interviewees for sharing their views and hope that this report acts as a springboard to stimulate discussion and productive further thinking for anyone involved in investing and developing heat networks.

Getting to Net Zero: The potential for heat networks in our communities

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