This is a time of momentous change for the world of procurement; the Procurement Bill currently making its way through parliament represents the single most significant transformation to procurement law for decades, as the UK Government seeks to break away from the current European procurement regimes in order to “speed up and simplify public procurement processes” and meet a variety of other domestic objectives. 

We recognise that this brings a degree of uncertainty and, whether you are a contracting authority responsible for ensuring a robust and compliant commercial process, or a bidder who is regularly tendering for regulated contracts, our team of procurement specialists are available to help you understand how the reforms may impact you.

Through this hub, you can find contact details of our expert team, as well as accessing knowledge and general guidance on a variety of issues coming out of the new Procurement Bill.

You can find the current status of the Bill here.


Please note that Scotland has its own set of public procurement laws and regulations. The Scottish Government has applied some technical changes to its existing legislation arising from Brexit, but these changes have not fundamentally changed the procurement regime in Scotland and there is currently no proposed substantive legislation seeking to do so. 

Whilst the legislation in Scotland is similar to the procurement rules applicable in the rest of the UK, adherence to the separate Scottish framework is fundamental. Our Scottish qualified colleagues based in Burges Salmon’s Edinburgh office are available to assist for contracts and disputes north of the border. 


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John Houlden

John Houlden Partner

  • Head of Public Sector
  • Head of Procurement and Subsidy Control
  • Projects
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Laura Wisdom Partner

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  • Defence
  • Procurement
Ian Tucker

Ian Tucker Partner

  • Dispute Resolution
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  • International Trade
Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson Partner

  • Infrastructure
  • Procurement and State Aid
  • Transport
Patrick Parkin

Patrick Parkin Partner

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Amy Cornelius Director

  • Commercial Contract Disputes
  • Judicial Review and Procurement
  • Real Estate

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John Houlden

John Houlden Partner

  • Head of Public Sector
  • Head of Procurement and Subsidy Control
  • Projects

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