Net Zero has had a significant impact on the Land & Food sector, through the focus on Natural Capital, which has changed perspectives of how land can be used. We are seeing that with established clients and with those who are new to the sector, encouraged by the advent of these concepts.

We are working in partnership with clients and in the wider sector on these issues, so have practical experience of seeing how owners, investors and users of land, and the supply chains around them, are working through the integration of these concepts in a still developing area. This is also the focus of much Government and public attention. 

The way organisations consider the future of the Land & Food sector is affected by a number of factors. These include using land in a less carbon-intensive way, encouraging tree planting, freeing up land for biodiversity use and the adoption of more sustainable farming practices. These factors are changing the way people think about land use and food production. This is linked with the most significant change in British agriculture in 50 years, with the ending of the Common Agricultural Policy and its replacement by more environmentally-focused support schemes. 

How we can help

We have extensive experience and expertise in supporting a broad range of clients including institutions, estates, land-owning and tenant farmers, charities, contractors, investors and food producers.

We advise on all elements of land use, which includes advising land owners, users, investors, and their supply chains. We work with clients on how they can best consider and implement their responses to this changing area.

This diversity and depth of experience means that we have a knowledgeable and practical team who can assist clients looking at a future in which Net Zero and Natural Capital together will play a significant part, and will produce multiple opportunities. 

Our clients often need advice from a variety of sources and we are trusted to provide effective solutions as part of our client’s team, alongside their other advisors. 

Our wider involvement 

We are well-connected in this sector and in addition to our work, our lawyers also work with the following industry groups and bodies:


Acting on the acquisition of land for Natural Capital schemes.

Advising industry leading clients on tree planting and carbon offset schemes in England, Wales and Scotland.

Working with clients to develop their Natural Capital policies for the use of land.

Advising landowners on management agreements with Natural England on the restoration of carbon-sink protected habitats.

Meet the team
Kevin Kennedy

Kevin Kennedy Partner

  • Agricultural Disputes
  • Trust and Probate Disputes
  • Estates and Land
Emma Folkes

Emma Folkes Partner

  • Head of Rural Property
  • Estates and Land
  • Food and Farming
Tom Hewitt

Tom Hewitt Partner

  • Private Wealth
  • Head of Estates and Land
  • Head of Food and Farming
Jim Aveline

Jim Aveline Partner

  • Private Client Services
  • Family Offices and Family Businesses
  • Food and Farming
Ross Simpson

Ross Simpson Partner

  • Real Estate
  • Estates and Land
  • Food and Farming
Maddie Dunn

Maddie Dunn Senior Associate

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Food and Farming 
  • Partnership Disputes
Ken Kaar profile image

Ken Kaar Senior Associate

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Agricultural Disputes
  • Estates and Land
Tim Williams

Tim Williams Director

  • Private Client Services
  • Food and Farming
  • Tax
Guy Broadfield

Guy Broadfield Senior Associate

  • Private Client Services
  • Tax
  • Family Offices and Businesses
Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr Senior Associate

  • Private Client Services
  • Food and Farming 
  • Tax

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